We believe that the success of a product launch event depends on the execution and delivery of the message being projected. Keeping this in mind, we offer a range of exciting and original ways to help you deliver your brief.

Whether it is a launch of an exciting new product or the grand opening of a new store or office complex, we can coordinate everything from conception to completion, and our creative excellence ensures that your product launch will be stylish, sleek and seamless.

These services include the following features:


  • Catering: Our dedicated suppliers provide a catering solution to suit your launch.
  • Celebrity Speakers: Adding a special celebrity speaker can give your product launch event that extra edge. Celebrity endorsements and speakers capture an audience and can increase attendance.
  • Decorations/Theming: Theming your product launch is our speciality. With our fantastic range of in-house theming and top of the range AV, we are able to offer outstanding, creative and cost-effective solutions.
  • Entertainment: Invida has a vast range of entertainers, from fire eaters, meet and greet acts to magicians, bands and artists –the choice is endless.
  • Staging and Lighting: We create bespoke staging, AV & lighting designed to enhance the event theme and provide a focus for guest speakers, show reels or entertainment. In addition, we can also create product displays and opportunities to display your product digitally.
  • Event Management: Our dedicated Account Managers work alongside your Marketing and Communication teams to organise and deliver your product launch event.
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Choose immediately! Or you would regret later that you had a better option which was turned down. Yes! It is Invida that runs a plenty number of events throughout the year and offers a much better product and path for planning and execution than anything you have come across. We always find a niche to have managed our events.

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