We really value your thoughts. We are always at your doorstep to help you plan a product to be launched, promote a product, or conduct some conference or holiday party. No matter what your industry is, Invida has the experience in helping organisations of all shapes and sizes to better plan, manage, market, and analyse their events and meetings.

We always keep the following objectives in mind while creating an event: how to attract more attendees, encourage attendees to stay, and create the best-possible impact on them. We take care of your investment, so we keep vigilance that the budget remains within your reach.

A properly executed event is furnished to strengthen an organization’s strategic vision and mission, incorporated into a company’s marketing plan, or used to build networks and client loyalty. As a company, you have to ensure that every moment and penny you spend on an event be worthy. We understand, events face a challenge to survive with many other initiatives within your organization to prove their value and justify their existence. The Team, INVIDA can aid you in promoting a business case for your event and delivering an event that fulfills expectations. Invida’s event management has remained successful throughout to create sales leads, build client credibility, enhance employees’ morale, or celebrate an important milestone. Our expertise of customer service and commitment gives us an edge on the competition. Our services are very compatible with your requirement. We offer our complete list of services in coordinating your Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events Solutions (MICE).

Invida offers a full range of services and delivers a wide variety of corporate events. Our services include the following, although we are not limited to,

  • Product & Brand Launch
  • Partner Sales Meet
  • Recognition & Awards Night
  • B2B Meets
  • Business Conference & Seminar
  • Corporate Entertainment Events & Services
  • Exhibition & Displays
  • Mall Activation and Promotional Activities
  • Consumer Experiential Programs
  • Press Conference & Media Events


Employees & HR Initiatives

  • Celebrations & Gala Dinners
  • Employee Rewards, Recognition & Retirement/Superannuation Programs
  • Family Day Events
  • Annual Day Events
  • HR Award Shows
  • Theme Based Events / Parties


Off-screen work

  • Arch gate
  • Signage at the entrance, ticket counter
  • Seat branding
  • Cut-outs
  • Standees
  • Ticket jackets
  • Flyers and pamphlets
  • Branding in elevators, washrooms, snack counters
  • Kiosk activation/product display/product sampling to give the patrons a chance to see, feel and experience the brand
  • Façade hoarding
  • Backlits
  • Parking
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Choose immediately! Or you would regret later that you had a better option which was turned down. Yes! It is Invida that runs a plenty number of events throughout the year and offers a much better product and path for planning and execution than anything you have come across. We always find a niche to have managed our events.

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